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Classic House

Are you looking for your dream property in Bulgaria? We open the gates for you. Classic House Real Estate – since 1996 in Germany – since 2016 in Bulgaria.

1. Each object is checked by our lawyer before a purchase. In Bulgaria, there are extensive laws, that have to be observed. We have already canceled several notary appointments when there was a problem. Customer protection is our top priority. We’ll cover the attorney’s fees.

2. With our experience from around 2,000 brokered properties and over 25,000 viewings, we will accompany you from the first steps in Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach, Burgas, Sofia and surroundings to find the best property for you.

3. Even after that, we are at your disposal for all further steps:
– Renovation by experienced craftsmen
– Internet contracts, electricity, water
– Insurance, vehicle registrations
– Company foundations

4. We ourselves and many of our customers now live permanently and happily in this beautiful country. Feel free to contact us.


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Exclusive Properties
Dream property not there yet?

Your access to more than 2,000 objects

  • We have been working with several Bulgarian partner companies for many years. This means, that we always have the opportunity to find alternative properties.
  • All objects are checked by our real estate lawyer before certification.
  • We only broker apartments and houses where everything is legally in order.
Buying properties in Bulgaria – how does it work?

1. Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union for many years. There are laws that guarantee you absolute legal certainty when buying a property.

2. In Bulgaria, too, there is a “notarial certification” for every purchase. This means that after a purchase you are entered in a register as the owner – similar to the land register in Germany.

3. However, there are (as in every country) points to consider, but we check all of them for our customers before signing  a purchase contract. Our lawyer will check all objects. 

Whether there  are still encumbrances in the land register, whether there are residential rights, whether the building permit has been granted and much more.

4. It is imperative, that an authorized interpreter be used for certification. A sales contract is only legally valid in Bulgaria if you, the buyer, have understood the contract exactly.

5. We continue to always recommend a viewing before signing any contract. We have been active in the real estate market in Hamburg since 1996 and in Bulgaria since 2016. 

Not only as a pure broker, but also in the project development of new buildings, planning of senior citizens’, hotel facilities and investors.

6. We repeatedly reject many objects that are offered to us for marketing because we discover errors. For example, there are apartment complexes that work  well in the summer.

But the elevators are turned off after the season. Annoying if you then have to climb stairs several months a year.

7. We create our own living space calculations for each property,  as these are often no longer available. In Bulgaria, the area is also measured differently than in Germany.

Balconies, for example, are fully included in the calculation. This isn’t a scam either – it’s just another system to know about.

8. We are available to our customers for all these questions and accompany you from the first step to the notary appointment. And of course we are also there for you afterwards.

We live on site, enjoy every day and get to you quickly. Our book on “Buying real estate in Bulgaria” will be published soon.

9. Feel free to contact us – we are just an email away.


Legal certainty through European laws

May 30, 2023


May 30, 2023


May 30, 2023

Company formation

May 30, 2023
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